Eastbourne Photographic Society
Moments in Time by Trevor

My panel is about Time.  The pictures are composed of several images brought together into one composite to consider statements about time, in a highly stylised way.

Top Left.  The figure is signalling a particular or decisive moment in time.
Bottom Left.  Time Flies and technology changes..Is it time to break with the old technology?  Would such a break constitute an act of terrorism?
Bottom Centre.  Time Waits For No Man.  Time marches relentlessly on even though we may occasionally take time out.
Bottom Right.  Our Days Are Numbered.  The figure is counting his numbered days and crossing them off one by one.  One day he has not crossed off the top sheet on the pile is 28th Feb 2014, the day of the panel competition.
Top Right.  Time Is Up and Time Has Run Out for the bully boy cock robin who terrorises the entire bird population in my back garden.  He is so full of evil bile…hence the gas mask.
Top Centre.  this picture is a comment on all the others in the panel.  It shows a seated figure wearing a 3000 year old theatre mask from Ancient Greece, in a place of performance.  The message is that the rest of the panel is a performance.  Clocks don’t really fly and nobody really shoots robins…it is not real…it is surreal.

The butterflies throughout symbolise our tenuous hold on existence.
The clocks are photos of the 24hour clock on the wall of the Greenwich Royal Observatory which has a long and illustrious association with the measurement of time.
The cloud backgrounds are reflected both vertically and horizontally and are intended to give an edgy feeling to the picture space.



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