Eastbourne Photographic Society

KCPA Kent County Photographic Association
There are almost 50 Associate Clubs belonging to the KCPA (including EPS). The Executive Committee offer support and advice to all the clubs and provide highly qualified Judges and Lecturers.

SxPF Sussex Photographic Federation
The Sussex Photographic Federation represents Sussex camera clubs and promotes traditional and digital photography in Sussex.

RPS The Royal Photographic Society
The RPS was founded in 1853 'to promote the Art and Science of Photography', a mission it continues to this day.

PAGB The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain
An umbrella organisation for the UK. The PAGB produces an e-mail newsletter, e-news. Anyone can subscribe to the newsletter circulation list.

Photography at the V & A
A great collection of photographs - the curators put on sessions where they talk about specific topics - Paul Powici on being handed a box of Cartier-Bresson prints was told "it's fine - take them out and look at them - no problem if you want to photograph them for your own use".

Cambridge in Colour
A really excellent site which is a 'A Learning Community for Photographers'. Many tutorials on all aspects of photography which are constantly being augmented and updated. It's FREE!




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